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Adopt A Poody

Adopt A Poody aims to focus public attention on stray and abandoned pet, and findIng permanent homes for them.

It began after several feral and stray cat visits (and leftover bird parts) to our feeders. So I thought it only natural that Devin and Smarty (in their own best interest) start a campaign to get Poody adopted.

You find stray and feral cats everywhere from backyards to shopping areas. They are either abondoned or "outdoor" pets. Unfortunately, far too often, people assume they will survive on their own and automatically return to their natural instincts and will easily fend for themselves. Many die a slow, painful death from disease, starvation, abuse or food for a predator. Many more are euthanized by overwhelmed animal shelters.

Adoption is a great and rewarding alternative. They make fantastic indoor pets. Our Cookie was. Our son and daughter-in-laws's Mia and Abbey are also.

Fortunately there are plenty of places offering adoption. Our family favorite here is Town Cats. Dogs make great pets too. There are also a wealth of pet adoption places online by Googling "pet adoption".

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Together, we CAN make a difference.

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